EGYPT 23: Extension Tour

The Biblical ‘Land of Goshen’, Tanis/(Zoan) AND
Tell El Armana, Akhenaten, Oneness 

Jan 8-11, 2023  
This 4-day extension is designed as an immersion into the eternal ‘search for God’ and the roles of religion in ancient times to shape our current understandings.

Itinerary: Tanis & Tell el Armana

Our sojourn begins in the 'Land of Goshen', Tanis/Zoan to explore the area of the Biblical story of Exodus and where Moses performed the miracles before Pharaoh! Continuing next day we travel deep into middle Egypt to the tombs of Beni Hasan and ultimately to explore the mystical energies and remaining structures of Tell El Armana, a once great city dedicated to the ‘ATEN’ or Sun Disk. Founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten, Tell El Armana is the ‘birthplace’ of monotheism in Egypt, a very radical idea for a land run by religious cults for centuries. (Akhenaten’s wife and Queen was iconic beauty Nefertiti and he was also the father of King Tutankhamun). This trip is a wonderful way to complete your Egypt journey.
Day 1 : After a relaxing morning breakfast, we drive north of Cairo to Tanis (Zoan). This is where Moses would have performed the miracles of God before Pharaoh to persuade him to release the Israelites from bondage. Biblically, this city in Egypt in the Nile delta is known as ‘The Land of Goshen’ and ‘The Promised Land’ for the descendants of Abraham. BLD

Day 2 : Early morning board our Air Conditioned luxury coach and begin the long trek to Tell El Armana. On the way we hike to the tombs of Beni Hasan; We make way to a rarely visited Warehouse in Minya where we will see the remaining artwork, artifacts and structures of the palaces at Armana. Check into Hotel in Minya. BLD

Day 3 : After Breakfast, we head to Tell El Armana – Spend the day exploring the various areas of the ancient city; Special Mountainside Meditation near the boundary Stela of Akhenaten. Drive back to Cairo, enjoy our final night in Cairo at and prepare for flight home the next day. BLD

Day 4 : Early breakfast and fly home from Egypt, forever changed! 

Cost:  4-Day Armana Extension - $1280
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