Egypt 23:  The New Year's Tour!
28 -January 8, 2023  
with Optional Extension to The Biblical ‘Land of Goshen’,
Tanis/Zoan and Tell el Armana! Jan 8-11 

Living Into Divine Resonance...Experiencing The Healing Essence of Sacred Places

Temple Initiations, Nile River Cruise, Egyptian Healers/Teachers,
Biblical Oils, 
Sacred Temples of Isis, Hathor, Ma'at, Nefertari, Sekhmet, 

Private time in the Great Pyramid of Giza & The Sphinx!

CELEBRATE and CREATE your New Direction! 

Come join me on this spectacular journey where you will learn about who YOU are as you get activated at the most sacred and healing sites on the planet! This trip is about YOU - awakening to the truth of YOU and our world.  You may have noticed that things are not as they seem and there is no better place than Egypt to show you how true this is.  Everything from the TRUE history of the planet to the TRUTH of YOU will be revealed and explored.  We need to activate this awareness now more than's time and
the world needs powerful, conscious and loving beings to create a new direction...
if this is you, then join this trip.  

 This rare experience will be shared by initiates, healers, seekers wanting to learn about the ancient healing ways and sacred teachings of this sacred land called Egypt/Khemet.
    Are you ready to expand deeper into your gifts? 
On this trip you will re-awaken the sacred within at the deepest levels of your being. We will explore, experience, heal, remember, laugh, be astounded by and immersed in the sacred mystical land of Egypt. Participate in deep meditations, toning sacred sounds, tap into our past lives, learn from authentic healers, enjoy great food, shopping and so much more! 

This journey is a soul calling, ready to answer this call? Then come—it’s your time.

When you join us on this unique trip, you are saying yes to traveling to the most iconic, sacred and ‘off the grid’ temples, pyramid complexes, and many other locations to tap into the divine resonance of each place. We will also be staying at the best 5- star hotels, all meals, all transportation, RT airport pickup, and we will be traveling via luxury small coaches, vans, cars, planes, boats, even camels depending on the day! 
This Journey will fill up quickly!
I like to keep my groups under 10 people so that we have the greatest opportunity for mobility to lesser known sights. 
Do join us!   For detailed itinerary and to register please email me at address below, thank you :)

Main Tour Itinerary: 

Day 1
:  Arrive in Cairo, Egypt. Met at the airport by our Egyptian Tour Guide/Host team led by Abdullah Fayed to assist with luggage and get us through customs. Drive to our Hotel near the Pyramids - check in to our luxury accommodations. Early evening WELCOME DINNER at the Hotel.  S/D

Day 2: After breakfast, we spend the day exploring the Giza Plateau! Including camel ride; entrance into second Pyramid of Khefren, recently opened; Enter into the closed off area of the plateau for PRIVATE access to the Great Sphinx (just our group!) where we will see the magical Dream Stela in between the paws of the Sphinx!  Standing meditation around the alter and feel the powerful energies between the paws. Later we'll have our PRIVATE time inside the Great Pyramid! (just our group!) for a special New Year's Initiation / manifestation ceremony and world blessing experience inside the “Great Pyramid”. B/L/D

Day 3: Today we visit the massive Saqqara Complex including ENTERING the Step Pyramid of Djoser!! (closed to the public for over 60 years!) We will see the Pyramid Texts spells and protection prayers etched on the inside the Pyramid of Unas and more.  We will also visit the Red/Bent/Black Pyramids of Dashur!  In the Evening, Sacred Healing Oils Class with Gemal, aka 'The Oilman', a 6th generational healer who will teach us how the ancient Egyptians used these oils for healing. B/L/D 

Day 4: Early morning flight to Luxor - countryside drive to Abydos, one of the oldest cities of Ancient Egypt the Temple of Sety I, (Father of Ramses II). After check-in to the House of Life Hotel, we visit the Ancient Temple of Abydos, built upon a ‘stargate’ and is also the final resting place of the God Osiris. In this mystical Temple of Abydos, we will experience healing sound vibrations, participate in ancient healing ritual and behold some of the most incredible otherworldly energies including hieroglyphs of with a helicopter, flying saucer! We will also visit the Osirion, and see where the 'Flower of Life' symbol is inexplicably etched into the stone. In the evening we will visit a neighboring rooftop home near the temples for an authentic Egyptian dinner followed by an evening meditation and talk by a local healer sharing his direct experience with "Om Sety.‟ B/L/D

Day 5: We head to amazing Dendera, the temple dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love and beauty where we will participate in a meditation and healing ceremony with the Sistrum. We will also see the famous astronomy temple ceiling with an elongated figure of Nut, the sky goddess. We then drive to Luxor where we will visit an exclusive papyrus shop to learn how this ancient paper is made. Check in to our luxury Jolie Ville Resort and rest up for our NEW YEARS EVE CELEBRATION!!  B/L/D

Day 6: Visit Valley of the KingsQueen Hatshepsut’s Temple, Madinet Habu Temple and the Statues of Memnon. In the late afternoon we visit one of the finest alabaster shops to see how this luminous crystal stone is crafted into unique objects of art. Later, we experience the magnificent Luxor Temple by night! This ancient temple reflects the human body, energy centers and represents the journey of expanding consciousness referred to as the „temple of man‟. B/L/D

Day 7: Morning head to magnificent Karnak temple. The temple complex at Karnak is made up of a series of temples built by a succession of pharaohs dedicated primarily to the God Amun Ra. We will spend time in the sacred temple of Sekhmet, Goddess of Divine Healing and enter the sacred alters of the Holy of Holies, see a multitude of magnificent pylons, avenue of Sphinxes that joins to the Luxor Temple and more! Check into our luxury Nile Riverboat! and begin our sail down the NILE. B/L/D

Day 8: We spend a relaxing day sailing down the Nile and through the Esna Lock.  Here we will have time to gather and share our experiences as a group and also I will be available for individual healing sessions.  B/L/D

Day 9: In the morning we will visit the Temple of Horus at Edfu to view the immortal battle of good/evil. In the afternoon we sail to the double temple of Sobek and Horus at Kom Ombo. It was here that the Egyptian priests practiced as oracles for healing.  A visit to the Crocodile Mummy Museum on the return from the temple. Evening Riverboat Galabeya Party! B/L/D

Day 10: Today we visit Isis temple and the "Old Gate‟ - the original location of the temple - via Felucca Boat to Philae Island, home of the sacred temple dedicated to Isis, mother goddess of ancient Egypt. This sacred Isis temple complex is filled with divine feminine energy, here we will work with this energy to experience some deep healing and release. We will also have Turkish coffee/Tea at the unofficial Bedouin 'cat café' at the temple! In the evening we visit the Aswan Market and Spice Shop for healing herbs & spices! B/L/D

Day 11: Early morning flight to Cairo. On the way to our hotel we will visit Old Cairo and the Coptic Abu Sarga, St. Sergius Church where the Holy Family rested during their escape into Egypt. For fun, we visit the famous Khan el Khalili - a centuries old classic bustling bazaar where you can find literally anything! This is the perfect opportunity for any last minute shopping. Afterwards, check-in hotel and prepare for our farewell dinner/party! B/L/D

Day 12: After breakfast, head for airport to fly home! OR onward to the 4-Day Extension to the "Land of Ghoshen‟ - 
Tanis and Tell el Armana

12 DAYS of Magnificent IMMERSION, Sacred Ceremony, Guest Lectures, Exploring, Sharing, Experiencing, Learning, Activating, Connecting, Growing, Healing, and Expanding your gifts! 

Cost: $4975 USD – A non-refundable deposit of $700 is required to hold your space.
(Single Room Supplement add $700)
11 night's 5-Star accommodation – double occupancy
3 meals per day – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks on bus
Private tour guide, All lectures and classes
Private air-conditioned Mini Bus, Cars, All transportations
Entrance fees to all the sites
Domestic RT airline tickets to/from Aswan, Luxor
Luxury Nile Riverboat
Exclusive Private Time visits to Great Sphinx, Great Pyramid
Tax and special permits, Entry Visa into Cairo

Not Including: Airfare to/from Cairo; Cancellation/Medical Insurance; Extra room charges: phone calls, room service, etc.; Alcohol, Soft Drinks; Laundry Services; Service Tips for hotels, riverboat, drivers, tour guide, Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor (approx.$100) New Year's Eve Resort Party on the Nile ($100)

I welcome you on this amazing trip!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns AND TO REGISTER
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Phone: 917-627-0533


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