Egypt – Pyramid Overnight Tour
October 6-18, 2019  
with Optional Desert Oasis Extension - Oct 18-21

Living Into Divine Resonance...Experiencing The Healing Essence of Sacred Places

Temple Healing, Initiations, Nile River Cruise, Abydos, Abu Simbel,
Sacred Temples of Isis, Hathor, Ma'at, Nefertari, Sekhmet

Overnight in the Great Pyramid of Giza!

This is an absolutely stunning opportunity to experience a true initiation inside one of the remaining seven wonders of the ancient world—the Great Pyramid of Giza!  This rare experience will be shared by only 12 people max, initiates, healers, seekers, learning ancient healing ways and sacred teachings.
    Are you ready to expand deeper into your gifts? 
 On this trip you will re-awaken the sacred within at the deepest levels humanely possible. We will explore, experience, heal, remember, laugh, be astounded by and immersed in the sacred mystical land of Egypt. Participate in deep meditations, toning sacred sounds, tap into our past lives, enjoy great food, shopping and so much more! 

This journey is a soul calling, ready to answer this call? Then come—it’s your time.

When you join us on this unique trip, you are saying yes to traveling to the most iconic, sacred and ‘off the grid’ temples, pyramid complexes, and many other locations to tap into the divine resonance of each place. We will also be staying at the best 5- star hotels, all meals, all transportation, RT airport pickup, and we will be traveling via luxury small coaches, vans, cars, planes, boats, even camels depending on the day! 
This Journey will fill up quickly!
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